Medical Practitioners

MPS provides a communication, diagnostic and remedy tool that enables Medical Practitioners to increase their time utilization, the efficiency of operation, and security of interactivity.

Key MPS features include:

  • Electronic Health Records for patients, instead of paper records
  • Secure digital networksto connect through a secured platform to connect with Medical Practitioners, send and deliver up-to-date records whenever and wherever the patient or clinician may need them
  • Electronic Transmittal of Medical Test Results
  • Increased access to Medical Services Providers
  • Confidential and securePatient Health Portals for Patients to access their personal health information online
  • Electronic communicationbetween Healthcare Providers and Patients
  • Electronic prescribingand ordering to reduce transcription errors
  • Decision support systemsto provide clinicians with information on best practices and treatment options to improve quality of care
  • Mobile devices and tabletsto update patient records in real-time and document at the point of care
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