About MedPro-Solution

MedPro-Solution (MPS) program improves the quality, safety, effectiveness, and delivery of healthcare services in developing countries’ rural communities. MPS major metropolitan cities in the USA and other developed countries will also connect rural patients and providers in remote locations to specialists in urban areas.

MPS uses technology to store, secure, retrieve, and transfer protected health information electronically within healthcare systems and community settings.

Our Digital Healthcare Access and Support Services Platform provides an integrated, end-to-end virtual access platform with public education on its benefits. Equipped with the next-generation software platform of different enterprise solutions, we will continue to expand services to provide high-quality, patient-centered virtual support.

About MedPro-Solution | MedPro
About MedPro-Solution

Healthcare providers can leverage every type of user, providing communication between patients and healthcare providers, transmitting digital medical data, providing provider-to-provider communications, providing healthcare education communications, providing video conferencing services, sharing digital medical imaging information, and increase commitment and patient satisfaction.

MedPro-Solution, (MPS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary and brand of Med Pro Solution, LLC., and is a Technology and Data-Driven, Patient-Centered Operation with Intuitive Interface providing connected access to Healthcare Providers and their Patients. We are not Physicians.

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