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We, MedPro-Solution, (MPS,) are a Technology and Data-Driven, Patient-Centered Operation with Intuitive Interface providing connected access to Healthcare through our Telemedicine Platform

Our Technology provides strategic advancement in healthcare. By being virtually connected, we impact the Healthcare Industry’s productivity and cost footprint in major metropolitan cities in the USA, other developed countries, and rural communities of developing countries.

Digital information and telecommunications technologies support and promote long-distance clinical healthcare access between patients and health administration.

Med Pro Solution – MPS Smartwatch Wellness monitoring operation with mobile alert functionalities, connecting you to your Healthcare Providers.

Our Virtual Health Platform Companion. To receive more information  support@medpro-solution.com

The reason for the Platform:

Someone who has good health has a vision of a successful life with thousands of objectives and goals. One without good health only has one purpose that is to get well.


Personal Care

• Reduce transportation costs
• Increase provider specialist access
• Minimize transportation costs
• Secure Prescription transmittal

medpro-solution for health

Assisted Living

• Offer provider visits on-site to distinguish your community
• Decrease ER visits with immediate access
• Increase patient and family satisfaction
• Integrate with remote patient monitoring

medpro-solution for health

Nursing Home

• Improve state survey scores
• Increase provider specialist access
• Decrease hospitalizations
• Generate revenue through

medpro-solution for health

Home Health Care

• Reduce transportation costs
• Increase provider specialist access
• Minimize transportation costs
• Maximize staff efficiency

What People Say

As an elderly person, I am unable to travel a lot, so when I was allowed to test the use of MedPro, I agreed and found it to be a “my best friend.”
Gloria S.
I was unsure at first about using telemedicine, but when the feature of MedPro was introduced, and I tried them, I became an instant convert. It helped me so much that I asked my Doctor more questions and got a lot of answers.
Brendon M.
In the past, my medical practice handled forty percent of the patient load we are doing today. It left my team stretched and stressed. With Med-Pro, we have improved patient management, treatment, and recovery.
Dr. William L.

MedPro for Medical Practitioners

MedPro for Patient

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